One of the last things you want to see coming out of your furnace or heating system is water. A furnace that’s leaking water can lead to significant damage to your home and cause mold to grow, which can compromise the health of you and your family members.

But what’s causing your furnace to leak? There are several different issues that can cause furnace leaks, some big and some small. It’s best to call a heating and cooling company as soon as you notice water. A technician can thoroughly inspect your unit and make the appropriate repairs before further damage occurs.

In our most recent blog, the professional HVAC technicians at Edwards Royal Comfort discuss the cause of furnace leaks and how to fix them. For quality heating services that you can trust, contact Edwards today.

Causes of a Leaky Furnace

Condensation Leak

If you have a high-efficiency furnace which consists of two heat exchangers, typically with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of 90% or higher, it likely forms some condensation. The most likely cause of this type of leak is a clogged or broken condensation tube, which drains the water. This clogged floor drain can also cause leaking. 

Humidifier Leak

If there’s a whole house humidifier installed on your furnace, a broken unit could be the source of the leak. A leaking humidifier, caused by a clog or broken component, will usually cause water to leak on your furnace and on the floor below it. An HVAC technician will usually check the condition of the humidifier during annual furnace maintenance, but, if it’s been a while since your system has been tuned up, your humidifier could be to blame for the leaking water.

Clogged Furnace Filter

If your furnace filter is extremely dirty and clogged, it will restrict airflow, which can cause the evaporator coil to freeze up and create a leak. If you notice this issue, contact a professional for furnace repairs.

Issues Caused by a Leaking Furnace

Now that you know some of the common causes of furnace leaks, let’s discuss some of the issues that can be caused if you don’t have the issue taken care of.

  • Mold. Mold can develop anytime there is standing moisture for long periods of time. Mold can damage your home, its belongings and create health issues such as coughing and runny nose.
  • Smells. The presence of water by your furnace can lead to a stale, unpleasant smell.
  • System breakdown. A frozen evaporator coil can cause your furnace to completely shut down, leading to an expensive repair or even total system replacement.
  • Damage to your home. Long-standing water can damage your floors, including carpeting, and walls. It can also damage any personal belongings that are stored nearby.

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