Furnace Tune-Up

To ensure your furnace will function properly during the long winter months, you must provide your unit with annual maintenance. Furnace tune-up services are a vital aspect of your heating unit’s longevity, as they improve system performance and reduce repair issues.

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Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

There are a variety of benefits furnace tune-up services can offer, including:

Savings on Energy Bills

When we perform furnace tune-up services, our technicians ensure all electrical connections are tightened. We also inspect the gas pressure, evaporator coil, and condenser. Finally, we’ll measure the airflow. These checks make sure every unit component is functioning correctly, increasing efficiency and lowering energy bills.

Enhanced Lifespan

The average lifespan of a furnace is between 12-15 years. Our heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians can tend to problems quickly before they turn into issues that shorten the machine’s lifespan. We’ll look after your unit to ensure it runs consistently and more efficiently for the course of its life. 

More Effective Heating

Neglecting your furnace can lead to it burning more fuel which makes it less effective at heating. Our regular maintenance checks clean the blower, motor, and filler system. Our services help increase heating efficiency.

Fewer Repairs

Regular maintenance ensures each component of the system is running as effectively as possible. This means fewer unit failures, fewer repairs, less chance of a replacement, and the knowledge that you won’t be left without heat during the winter.

Furnace Maintenance Services to Get You Ready for Heating Season

There’s nothing worse than coming home during the winter months to a cold house. Homeowners solely rely on their furnaces for heat. This is why regular tune-ups are critical – you ensure your system doesn’t experience any breakdowns at the worst times. 

We recommend requesting furnace tune-up services in fall before the cold arrives. This allows your technicians to clean the system so that it will run efficiently during the colder months. A tune-up at this time of year is the most convenient, as it will make sure your unit functions appropriately during winter, preventing the need for emergency repair services. Plus, you can catch any minor issues before they develop into major costly repairs.

Furnace maintenance services are entirely worth it. Not only will your heating system perform consistently during this time, but the difference in your utility bills over the winter will cover the cost of the tune-up and more.

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Furnace Tune-Up Services from Edwards Royal Comfort

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