Air Conditioning Installation Services

If you have a new air conditioner or heat pump, it is important to make sure it is installed properly. At Edwards Royal Comfort, we have a tremendous amount of experience working with a wide variety of air conditioners, and it would be our pleasure to offer you our air conditioning installation services! We are honored to provide comprehensive air conditioning services, and we can work with a variety of AC systems, including heat pumps. Rely on an air conditioning contractor from our team to install your new HVAC system. 

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When to Replace Your Air Conditioner

There are several signs that could indicate you need a new AC system. Some of the signs that you need to reach out to certified technicians for a new Heating & Air conditioning unit include:

  • The System is 10-15 years Old: If you are heating cooling system is ten to 15 years old, you might need to replace it soon. You may be able to invest in preventive maintenance to extend its life, but you will probably need a new system in the next few years.
  • You Experience Frequent Breakdowns: If the unit keeps breaking down, it is time to get a new heating cooling system. Do not continue sinking money into the old one.
  • The Unit Frequently Needs Repairs: If you noticed that you need to repair the system frequently, you may want to start looking for a new air conditioner.
  • Energy Bills Are Rising: If you noticed that your energy bills are going up, you may want to talk to a professional service about getting a new air conditioning system.
  • A Complete Lack of Cool Air: Systems that are not blowing out any cold air need to be replaced. If you are looking for a replacement unit, we can assist you.

At Edwards Royal Comfort, we have helped numerous homeowners find a new AC unit. We take every job seriously, and it would be our pleasure to help you locate the best HVAC system and install it for you.

Air Conditioner Installation and Replacement

Regardless of whether you have an older home or are building a new home, we can help you by providing comprehensive services. Our repair, maintenance, and air conditioning installation services are second to none. If you want your air conditioner to last as long as possible, you need to trust our experience business to install it for you. We will make sure that it is working properly, and we will maximize its efficiency. This is important for helping you keep your utility bills as low as possible. If you want to install the new air conditioner, count on us to assist you.

How To Protect Your New Air Conditioner

Once your air conditioner has been installed, you need to protect your air conditioner if you want to maximize your indoor air quality. If you want your system to last as long as possible, you need to invest in routine maintenance. At Edwards Royal Comfort, we believe it is important to get your air conditioner inspected before you turn it on during the summer. That way, you give us an opportunity to identify any potential repair concerns that might not yet be showing any signs.

By addressing these issues as early as possible, we can prevent them from getting worse. This means that you can save money. Furthermore, by reducing the stress on your air conditioner, we can add years to its life. This means that you do not have to purchase a replacement unit for a long time. Count on the team from Edwards Royal Comfort to maximize the life of your air conditioner.

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If you are ready to get a new air conditioner installed in the Crawfordsville, Danville, and Greencastle area, it would be our pleasure to assist you. We understand that you have choices if you are looking for HVAC technicians, and we have a myriad of positive reviews that serve as a testament to our customer service. We would be happy to assist you as well. Give us a call to make an appointment today, and let us install your new air conditioner.



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