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One of the worst things that can happen on a hot summer’s day is for your home’s air conditioning system to break down. When this happens, don’t sit around in the heat. At Edwards Royal Comfort, our licensed technicians can get your unit to work smoothly or install a new AC, no matter where in Greencastle, Indiana, you’re located.

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If you need quick but efficient air conditioning unit repairs or installation in Greencastle, contact Edwards Royal Comfort.

Our technicians are not only well trained and certified but trustworthy, competent and dedicated to providing you the best possible service every single time. We also offer preventive maintenance and emergency services – these cover both residential and commercial buildings.

Our technicians cover the following services and more:

  • Air conditioning repair
  • Air conditioning installation
  • Air conditioning tune up
  • Geothermal service
  • Heat pump repair
  • Heat pump installation
  • Heat pump tune up

Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Repaired

The good thing about faulty AC units is they give off warning signs once they aren’t working properly. Let’s look over the most common symptoms that your AC unit needs repairs:

Unusual sounds

Your unit starts to make some unexpected sounds once it’s in operation. This is a sign that you need to call in the experts.

Cycles on and off

The compressor unit can’t seem to stay on continuously anymore. It comes on, and within a couple of minutes, it goes off. If your unit is unreliable, give us a call.

Foul odors

If the air coming out of the vents has a foul odor even after cleaning the vents, this can be a sign of mold or bacterial growth.

No cool air

Even though the cooling unit seems to be operating normally, cold air is absent from the vents.

Lack of airflow

When you turn the AC on, no air seems to be flowing out of the vents.

Water leakage/ice on coils or refrigerant lines

You notice water leaking down the indoor unit’s walls or a pool of water beside the outdoor unit or compressor.

High humidity

Consistently foggy windows – combined with clammy, moist air – are signs that your living space’s humidity levels are high, and your AC is struggling to handle it.

Notice any of these signs? Contact us today.

What to Consider When Buying a New AC System for Your Greencastle Home

If you are thinking of replacing your faulty AC unit with a new system, here are a couple of factors to keep in mind before committing to a purchase:

  • Age: Is your current AC unit less than 10 years old? If it is, it might be better to repair than replace it with a new unit.
  • SEER rating: The SEER rating tells you how energy efficient the AC system is – the higher the rating, the more energy efficient it is.
  • Proper AC sizing: Speak to a professional to ensure you get the right size AC for your home space. An oversized AC unit could lead to high energy bills.
  • Hiring a professional heating and air conditioning company: Get a licensed HVAC contractor to install your new AC unit. The efficiency of the unit is dependent on its installation.
  • Noise levels: Ensure you get an AC unit with low noise levels when in operation.
  • Maintenance and indoor air quality: Ensure you hire a contractor that signs you up for an annual maintenance plan. Regular maintenance ensures your indoor air quality is top notch.
  • High-efficiency models: Look out for the Energy Star stamp when buying a new AC unit. These models might cost a little more, but you save money and energy in the long run.

What Should You Look For in an AC Repair Company?

Hiring a competent heating and air conditioning repair company can seem like a hassle. Here’s how to spot the needle in the haystack.

  • They have a team of certified technicians who offer solutions and aren’t consistently trying to upsell you.
  • They are always punctual – if they’re not, your service call is FREE.
  • All of their technicians have undergone a background check and regularly undergo refresher training on new and advanced techniques.
  • Their pricing policy has no hidden surprises.
  • They deliver industry-leading craftsmanship and warranties on parts and labor – plus a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The team schedules appointments around your schedule
  • Lastly, they offer a wide range of solutions that fit your budget and save you money, as well as ongoing specials.

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So who should you hire? You won’t find any quality air conditioning installation and repair service in Greencastle that is as competent, qualified and trustworthy as the team at Edwards Royal Comfort. We satisfy all the criteria above and more! Call us to book an appointment today for all of your home’s heating and cooling needs, including emergency service!