Heat Pump Tune-Up


A tune up for your heat pump is essential. It is a special service call from an expert technician. This service call helps to restore the unit to its factory settings. A heat pump tune up service is a small investment that pays off with big benefits, such as lower energy bills and fewer repairs. When you need heat pump tune up services in Crawfordsville, Danville, Greencastle, and the surrounding areas, call on the experts at Edwards Royal Comfort.

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Why Do Heat Pumps Require Maintenance?

There are many reasons why heat pumps require maintenance services. First, every moving part in a heating and cooling system needs to be checked. For heat pumps, maintenance services should be performed twice per year. During the fall or early winter, we maintain the heating side of the unit. During the spring and early summer, we maintain the cooling side of the system. The two are connected by a reverse flow valve so the special fluid can run between both sides of the system.

A maintenance service call keeps the unit running as efficiently as possible, meaning that it uses the least amount of energy to provide your home or business with the most heating or air conditioning. It also means that because the unit is properly maintained, there is less wear on the moving parts and the unit lasts longer. Nobody wants to face major heat pump repair service calls or the cost of buying a new system. 

For all of your heat pump maintenance needs, reach out to the professionals at Edwards Royal Comfort.

Benefits Provided By Heat Pump Tune-Ups

Heat pump tune ups offer many benefits. Those include:

Maintained Effectiveness and Efficiency

A tune up for your heat pump keeps the heating unit and air conditioning unit running at factory specifications. That means the energy use will remain as low as possible and the unit is effective at providing heating and cooling throughout the year.

Fewer Repairs

A heat pump tune up reduces the normal wear on the system by keeping the system running efficiently. The outdoor unit, which is where most of the heat or cold air is produced, will last much longer and experience fewer repairs. Heat pump tune ups are essential for reducing major repair service calls.

Keep Costs Low

Any time that your heat pump system runs at peak efficiency, the cost of heating and cooling will remain as low as possible. Heat pumps, HVAC systems, gas furnaces, or air conditioners that are not running efficiently are burning energy, gas, oil, or fuel. That situation drives up the cost of heating and cooling your home.

Longer System Lifespan

We often talk about efficiency as it applies to energy usage, but higher efficiency also means less wear on working parts. When your heat pump has a tune up, it goes beyond changing the air filter and deals with reducing wear on moving parts. When your system runs efficiently, the parts will last longer.

Higher Indoor Air Quality

Part of a heat pump tune up involves cleaning the unit, making sure the indoor unit blows clean air, and keeping mold or mildew out of the system. These all contribute to better indoor air quality by keeping airborne allergen levels low.



How Often Do Heat Pumps Need Maintenance?

Heat pumps require maintenance about every six months, or twice per year. These are machines that are in use all year long. When not heating your home, they are cooling your home. Unlike a typical heating or cooling system where maintenance is needed once per year, a heat pump needs maintenance twice per year.

The first maintenance cycle focuses on tuning the heating application, cleaning the unit, and making sure that drain ports are free of debris. During the second visit, the cooling application is the focus. 

Here, the evaporator unit and compressor are checked, as are all of the lines and hoses to make sure there are no leaks. During both maintenance calls, the unit is tuned back into factory specs to limit wear and tear.

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