Geothermal Heat Pumps

For homeowners and businesses looking for high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, consider the benefits of geothermal units. Geothermal heat pumps use renewable energy stored in the ground to provide warm air in winter and cool air in summer. Because they do not burn fuel to heat or cool the air, they are your best bet for high-efficiency heating and cooling.

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How Do Geothermal Heat Pumps Work?

Edwards Royal Comfort is your local geothermal heat pump expert for services throughout Crawfordsville, Danville, and Greencastle. Geothermal heating and cooling systems work by harnessing the insulating properties of the earth.



They heat a home by:

Fluid is pumped through an underground piping system that picks up heat stored in the ground. When you dig down below the freezing line, the temperature of the earth remains somewhat constant at 55°F. In winter, the cold fluid in the geothermal system lines heats up as it passes through the underground coil network. The heat is then transferred to your home via the pump. 

If you want hotter air, the geothermal heat pump can condense the coolant which causes it to expand. As it expands, it gets hot. The air that passes over the evaporator then picks up heat and keeps your home warm. So, geothermal systems can heat your home in two ways – at a steady rate of 55°F just by pumping conducting fluid through the geothermal heating coil and by compressing the conducting fluid in the lines.

Because geothermal units do not burn fossil fuels they are not only highly efficient, they help to lower the carbon footprint of the home or business.

Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pumps

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Using a geothermal system for both heating and cooling does not require burning fuel, saving you more money in energy costs than most other types of heating and cooling systems.

Low Maintenance

Geothermal units typically don’t experience many issues. However, because geothermal units provide both heating and cooling, they require two maintenance service calls per year – one for heating and one for cooling.

Environmental Friendliness

Tax credits are one of the perks of utilizing a geothermal system. Because a geothermal heat pump does not burn propane to create heat, it has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional HVAC systems. Also, because there are no natural gases or fossil fuels, the unit produces fewer greenhouse gasses. Overall, geothermal systems help to decrease your home or business’ carbon footprint.

If you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home or business, consider the many benefits of geothermal units.



The Geothermal Heat Pump Installation Process

For geothermal heat pumps to work, a section of piping is installed under the ground. The size or length of the piping is dependent upon the size of the home or building. Generally, the piping is 18 inches or deeper and laid out in a flat pattern. Some piping, though, is installed vertically. 

The piping is connected to the geothermal heat pump and outdoor unit. Ductwork or piping also connects the outdoor unit to the indoor air controllers.

The process of installing a new system can take several days if the piping is not already in place. Installing the piping requires the removal of topsoil down to the desired depth. In colder climates, the piping is buried deeper.

Financing Information

Discuss Edwards Royal Comfort has a relationship with Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. that allows our clients to access financing options for major home improvements. The process is dependent upon approval of credit, but also comes with some excellent benefits such as:

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We work hard to help our customers overcome the challenges of heating and cooling their homes and businesses. For highly efficient heating and cooling that your home can depend on, consider the benefits of installing a geothermal heat pump. Get in contact with us today to schedule an appointment for service, or to receive more information.


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