Furnace Installation

When you live in Crawfordsville, Danville or Greencastle, you can’t underestimate the importance of a properly functioning furnace when winter comes to keep your family comfortable in this harsh climate.

If your current furnace is inefficient and aging, now is a great time to consider upgrading to a newer, energy-efficient unit. Contact our team at Edwards Royal Comfort for furnace installation services.

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Signs That You Should Replace Your Furnace

If you’re not familiar with the heating and cooling industry, sometimes it can be difficult to know when your home’s HVAC system needs to be replaced. Here are some clear signs that your heating unit is on its last legs.

The System is 15 Years Old

Unfortunately, your home’s heating equipment isn’t meant to last forever. Most furnaces have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. If it’s been longer than that, it’s time for furnace replacement.

The Unit Needs Constant Repairs

A furnace that breaks down constantly isn’t just inefficient for heating your home. It is also a problem for your wallet. The costs of all those repairs are going to add up, so it would be worth your while to replace your current furnace with a unit that actually works.

Energy Bills Are on the Rise

If your energy bill keeps getting higher and higher, and you can’t seem to figure out why, it could be the result of an inefficient heating unit. With the installation of a new, energy-efficient system, your home will be warm and comfortable, and your utility expenses will be back to normal.

Poor Overall Heating

If your current furnace just can’t seem to deliver the level of heat you need, this is likely a sign that it’s ready to be replaced. With a new unit, you won’t experience basic underperformance issues.

The System Won’t Turn On

If your furnace won’t turn on, it could indicate a number of issues, and it may be time to start thinking about furnace replacement.

Reliable Furnace Replacement Services

When it comes to something as important as your home’s furnace, you don’t want to trust just anyone. When you need furnace installation services, you can always rely on Edwards Royal Comfort to keep your home warm and comfortable during the harsh winter months.

If you’re not familiar with the heating, ventilation, and cooling industry, it can be hard to know what furnace is right for your home. Every property has unique needs, and it takes a trained professional to make these important judgments.

When you hire Edwards Royal Comfort, our experienced and reliable technicians will be with you every step of the way to make sure you make the right decision about your new electric or natural gasfurnace. We always have your best interests in mind, and we are happy to answer any questions you have along the way.

Financing Information

At Edwards Royal Comfort, we understand just how important it is to have a functioning heating system in your home during the freezing cold winter. That’s why we do our part to make sure that our furnace installation services are accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial means.

We’ve teamed up with Wells Fargo to offer convenient financing options that can help you pay for your services the way that works for you. With monthly payment plans, a user-friendly online interface, and financing terms that work to meet your unique needs, there’s always a way to get you the services you need.

Why Choose Edwards Royal Comfort for Furnace Installations?

When you’re looking for furnace installation services for your Crawfordsville, Danville or Greencastle home, there is no other HVAC company for you than Edwards Royal Comfort. We have a long history of providing high-quality services to individuals and families in this area, and we’re always happy to support our community in any way we can.

Furthermore, our heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians are highly trained, thoroughly experienced, and have all the required industry certifications. We feel strongly about providing the absolute best services to our esteemed clients, so we never hire less than the very best to perform this important work.

Furnace Installation Services from Edwards Royal Comfort

A working furnace is essential for keeping your family safe and comfortable during the harsh winters. If it’s time for your old heating equipment to be replaced, or you need an entirely new unit installed in your new home, call Edwards Royal Comfort today!

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