The icy grip of winter has descended upon the Indianapolis area, presenting a significant challenge to the comfort and safety of all of us west of the city. While many residents enjoy the warmth of their homes, extreme cold demands a proactive approach to lessen the potential impact on comfort and well-being. We’ll use this blog to discuss how serious a heating emergency can be, as well as ways to fix it… and prevent it from happening in the first place!

Understanding the Potential Risks of a Heating Emergency

Unforeseen heating system failures during severe cold snaps are more than inconveniences; they pose genuine safety hazards. Consider these critical threats:

Fire: Overloaded electrical outlets, malfunctioning heaters, and flammable materials near heat sources present significant fire risks. Maintain readily accessible fire extinguishers throughout your home, and prioritize the proper functioning of all heating equipment. Most importantly – avoid overtaxing electrical circuits, as this is a fire risk and can potentially make you lose power as well.

Exposure: Prolonged exposure to extreme cold, even indoors, can be harmful. Prioritize layering warm clothing, wearing hats and gloves, and maintaining optimal warmth for vulnerable individuals like children and older people during a heating emergency.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Improperly vented gas-powered equipment like generators or space heaters can emit dangerous carbon monoxide. Make sure you have detectors installed near living areas and bedrooms, and ensure adequate ventilation for gas appliances. Be sure to schedule regular equipment maintenance as well.

Navigating Heating System Emergencies

Should a heating system malfunction during a cold snap, swift and informed action is critical.

Frozen Pipes: This all-to-common winter woe can lead to costly property damage and prevent your home from warming adequately. If frozen pipes are suspected, immediately shut off the water supply and engage the services of a licensed plumber. Refrain from attempting DIY methods like using blowtorches.

Furnace Failure: Don’t panic! Often, furnace failures are simple fixes. Be sure to verify thermostat settings, replace or clean the air filter, and confirm the pilot light is functioning. If these steps don’t fix the issue, contact Edwards Royal Comfort. We’ll get over there and fix it as soon as we can, but the earlier you call the better!

Proactive Winterization: Building Resilience:

It’s all about being prepared and helpful. Consider:

Stockpile Essential Supplies: Gather warm blankets, non-perishable food, candles, and extra batteries for potential power outages.

Be Neighborly: Check on elderly neighbors and individuals living alone. A simple visit to confirm their warmth and safety can be invaluable.

Stay Informed: Monitor weather updates and local advisories for crucial information and emergency directives.

Service from Edwards Royal Can Prevent Heating Emergencies

The best way to deal with a heating emergency is to avoid it in the first place. Regular service from the comfort professionals at Edwards Royal Comfort can identify and resolve problems before they become dangerous emergencies. We’re here to help, so get in touch ASAP! Stay warm out there, Indiana!