When the time comes to install a new HVAC system in your home, you have many different options to choose from. Among the most popular modern-day options, however, are central air conditioners and heat pumps. 

So what are the differences between standard central air conditioning systems and heat pumps? In the latest blog post from Edwards Royal Comfort, we’ll discuss the differences between the two systems to help you decide which system is best for the needs of your home.

Similarities Between Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

When looking for a system that will provide your home with cool air all summer long, heat pumps and air conditioners are very similar. Both systems are designed to communicate with your thermostat to determine when your home’s temperature needs to be lowered. From there, both units will utilize compressed refrigerant to collect warm air and pass it over the air handler’s coil. This cools down the air and moves any remaining warm air outside of the home.

Differences Between Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

The main difference between these two types of HVAC systems is that heat pumps can also provide a home with heat, while air conditioners cannot. If your home utilizes a central air conditioner, you’ll also need to install some type of heating system, such as a furnace, in order to stay safe and comfortable during the winter months.

However, while heat pumps can provide a home with warm air, they struggle to provide heat when the temperatures drop below freezing. For situations like these, you’ll need to install a separate electric heating system to provide supplemental heat. Doing so will ensure that you stay warm even when the outside temperatures drop below freezing. 

How to Determine Which Unit Is Right for You

Air conditioners and heat pumps are, ultimately, very similar. Both systems are very reliable and can effectively provide a home with cool air during even the hottest days of the year. However, there are still some key factors to consider when choosing between a heat pump system and an air conditioner.

  • Energy efficiency. Typically, heat pumps are more efficient systems and will have lower costs associated with heating and cooling your home. This is because heat pumps use electricity, while other heating systems require natural gas or oil.
  • Costs. The costs to install air-source heat pumps or air conditioners can vary depending on your HVAC company. Contact your local HVAC company to determine the costs associated with both systems. Because the two units are so similar, you might be interested in installing whichever unit comes with lower installation costs.
  • System lifespan. Both systems should provide your home with many years of comfort. However, because heat pump systems are used all year long, they’ll typically require more frequent repairs than air conditioners. While the occasional repair is no big deal, frequent heat pump system repairs can cause you to replace the system earlier.

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