Most homeowners have heard that air conditioners occasionally need maintenance to ensure that everything is working properly. But what exactly happens during an air conditioning maintenance visit?

In the latest blog post from Edwards Royal Comfort, we’ll discuss everything that should be included in an AC maintenance checklist to help you ensure that everything will be properly taken care of.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Replace Filter

Your system’s filters are responsible for keeping dust, dirt, and other pollutants out of your home’s air supply. Over time, dust and dirt will accumulate in your filters and require replacement. Air filters need to be replaced every 1-3 months, depending on usage. The more you use your air conditioner, the sooner that you’ll need to replace the air filters to keep your unit working optimally.

Clean Evaporator

During air conditioning maintenance, your evaporator and condenser coils should be checked to ensure that there are no holes present. If any holes exist, the system might leak refrigerant. After the evaporator and coils have been checked thoroughly, they should be cleaned to ensure that they’re free from any dirt or dust.

Check Drain Line and Pan

A dirty drain line or drain pan can damage the area surrounding your air conditioner. If left uncleaned, gunk and organic material can build up and cause a drain line clog. Avoid this issue, as well as the expensive repairs required to resolve the issue, by ensuring your drain line and pan are properly maintained.

Clean the AC Blower

Your AC blower is responsible for ensuring that cool air can reach all areas of your home. Keeping the blower in good shape and condition is key to the overall performance of your air conditioning unit. If any issues exist with the system’s blower, you’ll likely notice that your home can’t reach the set temperature very efficiently.

By keeping the air conditioner’s blower clean, you’re ensuring that cool air is able to reach all areas of the home.

Check Electrical Wiring

Making sure that your electrical wiring is connected to the correct components of the system is crucial to the overall comfort and safety of your home. Loose connections can lead to electrical fires, and corrosion can lead to holes and gaps within the HVAC system, as well as other issues with the unit’s wiring.

After connections have been checked and you’ve monitored for any corrosion, make sure that wires are clear of any debris. Any present debris can cause issues with the system’s wiring and lead to short-circuiting, among other serious issues and safety concerns.

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