If you struggle with seasonal allergies, you might dread seeing the calendar flip over to the summer months. Summer weather is, after all, often accompanied by pollen and other allergens that can wreak havoc on your body. However, did you know that taking proper care of your HVAC system can help you reduce summer allergy symptoms?

In the latest blog post from Edwards Royal Comfort, we’ll discuss some HVAC tips that can help you reduce summer allergy symptoms.

Replace Filters

Your air conditioning system has a built-in air filter that is designed to capture dust, pet dander, and other pollutants from your air supply as it passes through the HVAC unit. Your filters play an important role in maintaining high levels of indoor air quality and protecting your air conditioner from damage.

Over time, the system’s filters will become clogged and will need to be replaced. Typically, you can count on replacing your HVAC filters every 2-3 months. Doing so can help you keep pollutants and indoor allergens out of your home’s air supply. Be sure to replace your filters regularly in order to reduce allergy symptoms.

Schedule a System Tune-Up

Your air conditioner plays an important role in keeping your home’s indoor air quality levels high. No matter the age of your air conditioning system, all units require annual maintenance in order to run as effectively and efficiently as possible. Giving your system its required maintenance can help it monitor and regulate your home’s air quality more effectively.

Typically, air conditioning maintenance should be performed during the spring months before you’ve turned on your air conditioner for the first time. This will help to ensure that any minor issues are addressed before they can potentially grow and cause more serious and expensive problems that threaten the overall safety and comfort of your home.

Install a Dehumidifier

Mold spores require humid environments in order to grow and thrive. Whole-home humidifiers are installed directly to your HVAC system and provide complete coverage to decrease humidity levels within your home.

The presence of mold spores can trigger or even worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. Consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier to reduce your home’s summer allergy symptoms.

Keep Allergy Triggers Out

During the cooler days, it can be tempting to open a few windows and let the outside air in. However, this will allow pollutants and allergens to easily enter your home. Not only can this cause increased allergy symptoms, but it will also place stress on your air conditioner as it must work harder once you turn it back on in order to pull the pollutants out of your home.

In order to protect yourself and your family from summer allergy symptoms, choose to keep the windows closed and cool your home down with your AC system.

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Sneezing, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat are annoying symptoms often caused by summer allergies. Taking proper care of your HVAC system can help to reduce these symptoms. For HVAC services throughout Greencastle, Danville, and Crawfordsville, Indiana, get in touch with Edwards Royal Comfort today. From AC repair and maintenance to replacement and beyond, we can help with all of your HVAC needs. Schedule services today.