Indoor air quality issues are easy to overlook because air pollution isn’t a problem we can typically visualize. Because we can’t see it, we don’t give it much thought – making it easy to assume the home’s air purifier is doing its job and keeping issues under control.

Do you know how to tell if your home’s air purifier is working? Edwards Royal Comfort explains the signs to watch for so you’ll know if your air purifier is in need of repairs or replacement.

How to Determine If Your Home’s Air Purifier Is Working

Checking to ensure your HVAC air purifier is working properly will help you curb indoor air quality issues before they worsen. Here are some signs to watch for to see if your air purifier is running as it should.

  • Look at the filter service indicator. If your air purifier has a filter indicator light, this part is helpful in determining whether your air purifier is working properly. If the air purifier is running as it should, it will collect contaminants on the filter, and the filter’s surface will fill with particles. As more particles are collected, the filter’s life is reduced. The filter service indicator should measure the life of the filter, so if you see it changing over time, that is a good indication that the system is working.
  • Manually check the filter. Don’t stop at just the indicator light – actually look at the filter itself. You’ll know how to determine if your air purifier is working as you see the filter fill with contaminants between inspections. If your air filter looks just as clean as it did last time you checked it, the system probably isn’t working correctly.
  • Listen for the fan. Whole home air purifiers operate with little to no noise under normal circumstances, and the air conditioner should run quietly, too. If the air filter is full, it creates a blockage which restricts air’s movement through the unit and cooling system. The air purifier cannot continue to remove pollutants from the air if the filter needs to be replaced, and the air purifier’s fan or the cooling system’s fan will run harder as it attempts to push air through this blockage. If the fan is noisier than usual, you may need to change the unit’s filter.
  • Check for dust. Air purifiers remove dust and debris from the air, which keeps surfaces throughout the house clean. If you notice dust builds up on counters, shelves, and other spaces faster than usual, the air purifier probably isn’t working correctly.

Does Your Air Purifier Need to Be Repaired or Replaced?

If you’ve found that the system isn’t functioning properly, call for professional repairs if the issue isn’t resolved by cleaning or replacing the filter. When air purifiers aren’t working correctly, you may notice certain signs that clue you in to the need for repairs, such as:

  • Filters don’t get dirty
  • Family members suffer more asthma and allergy symptoms indoors
  • Odors linger inside your home
  • Dust builds up faster on surfaces

Your HVAC technician will inspect the air purifier to determine what is causing the problems. He or she will tell you if the air purifier issues are repairable, or if the unit should be replaced. Typically, a whole house air purifier can last the life of your heating and cooling system equipment, but replacement may be needed sooner if issues cause components like the fan on certain models to burn out.

Contact Edwards for Air Purifier Services for Your Home 

A properly functioning air purifier is important for good indoor air quality at home. If you suspect repairs are needed, contact Edward’s Royal Comfort today to schedule service for your whole home air purifier.