There’s nothing worse than coming home to a hot and sticky house after a long, hard day of work. While your home’s temperature might have reached your family’s preferences, excess humidity can cause your home to feel much warmer than it actually is. Ideal humidity levels are anywhere from 30-50%, and anything beyond that range can cause your home to feel uncomfortable.

So how can you decrease the humidity in your house to make your home more comfortable? In the latest blog post from Edwards Royal Comfort, we’ll discuss five ways to decrease the humidity in your home.

Use Your Air Conditioner Properly

Your air conditioning system brings cool air inside and sends warm air outside. By setting your air conditioner to a temperature that is comfortable for your entire family, you can help the system remove any warm, humid air from the home.

Additionally, air conditioners have filters that are designed to keep pollutants out of your air supply. Remember to change your system’s filters every 90 days to ensure that the system remains as effective and efficient as possible.

Take Faster or Cooler Showers

Warm showers release humid air into the surrounding environment. Taking quicker showers will release less humidity, helping to keep your indoor humidity levels relatively consistent.

If you prefer taking longer showers, consider lowering the temperature. Taking cooler showers will not produce steam and, as a result, will not raise your home’s humidity levels.

Take Advantage of Exhaust Fans

If you’re someone that just can’t help but take warm showers, be sure to use your bathroom exhaust fans. These fans are responsible for moving air from the bathroom outside. Turning your exhaust fan on just before you turn on the shower will provide the greatest results and help you avoid high humidity, in addition to mold growth or mildew in your bathroom.

Install a Dehumidifier

If no other methods seem to bring your humidity into the ideal range, consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems attach directly to your HVAC system and soak up excess moisture in your air supply before it is passed through your vents and to the rest of your home. While this is likely the most expensive option to reduce humidity in your house, it will also likely be the most effective. Contact your local HVAC company to learn more about how installing a dehumidifier in your home can help.

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