A non-spinning heat pump fan can send chills down your spine… literally!  However, take a breather and let’s work together to diagnose the issue. While this can seem alarming, in many cases, it’s a fixable issue with a simple explanation. In the instances that it isn’t, you can just give us a call. We’d be happy to head out there ASAP to get your heat pump fan spinning again! Either way, we’ve got a great guide for you to review.

Your Heat Pump Fan: What it Does and How to Fix it

What Does a Heat Pump Fan Do?

Your heat pump’s fan plays a crucial role in heating and cooling. It operates with the outdoor unit and indoor air handler to maintain your desired temperature. Typically, the fan activates when air circulation is needed and remains idle when the room temperature matches the thermostat setting.

How to Fix It

Possible Causes of Fan Inactivity:

Several factors can contribute to a non-spinning fan. It’s a good idea to take a look at each of the problems listed below before calling us. You might find that you can fix it yourself, but if you can’t, we’ll still want to know what we’re dealing with!

Outdoor Debris
Leaves, twigs, and other objects can obstruct the outdoor unit’s fan, preventing it from rotating.

Faulty Motor
In some instances, the fan motor may malfunction, requiring replacement.
Thermostat Misconfiguration: An incorrect thermostat setting could lead to continuous fan operation or complete inactivity.

Blower Malfunction
If the indoor unit’s blower experiences an issue, it can impact the fan’s operation.

Troubleshooting and Resolution:

  1. Safety First: Before troubleshooting, ensure the heat pump is powered off.
  2. Visual Inspection: Examine the outdoor unit for any visible debris obstructing the fan. If present, carefully remove it with a tool.
  3. Manual Fan Start: In some cases, gently pushing the fan blades can kickstart a sluggish motor. However, if it remains immobile, professional repair is necessary.
  4. Thermostat Check: Verify your thermostat settings are accurate and correspond to your desired temperature.
  5. If uncertain, consult the manufacturer’s manual or contact a qualified technician.

A couple of notes: Continuous fan operation during winter may be normal, especially in milder climates. However, give us a call for service if it runs non-stop in moderate temperatures. Be sure to never try to force your heat pump to run with a non-functioning fan, which can damage the compressor and lead to costly repairs.

If troubleshooting proves unsuccessful, don’t hesitate to call us for assistance.

Contact Edward Royal Comfort to Fix Your Heat Pump Fan Issues

If you have issues with your heat pump fan you just can’t figure out, Edwards Royal Comfort offers reliable and affordable heat pump repair services, ensuring comfort and system efficiency. Make a service appointment today with Edwards Royal Comfort – you and your HVAC system will be happy that you did!