Hoosier homeowners are always looking for ways to keep their families healthy, especially once winter starts. The winter season can be prime time for the spread of viruses and other illnesses, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re using the right tools at home. Edwards Royal Comfort introduces UV light technology and answers the question: “Do UV air purifiers work?”

What Are UV Air Purifiers?

There are many types of air purification systems available for use at home. They use different technologies as means to rid the indoor air supply of pollutants as well as harmful pathogens that can cause illnesses. Some technologies are more effective than others for targeting certain airborne matter. Determining the right choice for your household depends on the pollutants you wish to remove from the environment.

UV air purifiers are equipment that uses ultraviolet energy to treat harmful pathogens circulating in the home’s air supply. They simply look like light bulbs and are installed inside the indoor HVAC unit to treat air as it passes through the system for heating or cooling. These units can also be installed inside ductwork for additional protection and to solve contaminant problems in the duct system.

Do UV Light Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, UV light air purifiers are very effective at treating certain pollutants. UV lights are highly useful for treating infectious organisms like viruses, germs, and bacteria. They can also treat mold spores and stop their spread throughout the home as well as stop them from causing symptoms in people who reside in the home.

How do UV air purifiers work? It’s not a mystery – ultraviolet energy is the key. Outdoors, the Sun’s ultraviolet energy works to treat outdoor air contaminants, controlling levels of mold and other matter in our air. With a UV air purifier, this same concept is simply being put to use in the home. As air circulates through the home’s HVAC system, the UV lights serve the same purpose as the Sun – controlling airborne contaminants.

UV lights aren’t like typical filtration systems. Ultraviolet light air purifiers work by neutralizing the targeted particles rather than trapping them and removing them from the air supply. As viruses, bacteria, mold, and other pathogens float by, the UV-C energy neutralizes them, causing them to break down so they can no longer be infectious or reproduce. The particles remain in the air supply, but they no longer pose a threat to those in the home.

Why Install UV Lights in Your Home?

Aside from improving your indoor air quality, there are even more reasons homeowners love to install these lights with their HVAC systems!

  • They cost very little energy to operate, unlike some other types of air purifier equipment.
  • They require little maintenance. Once installed, all that needs to be done is bulb replacement every year or every three years depending on the product in use.
  • UV air purifiers also help reduce odors in the home caused by mold and other pathogens.

Contact Edwards for UV Light Air Purifier Installation

With a better understanding of how UV air purifiers work, you can see why they are a beneficial addition to your heating and cooling system. Stay healthier this winter when you call Edwards Royal Comfort for UV light installation today!