Did you know you are in a committed relationship with your heating and cooling unit? This isn’t the kind where you bring each other chocolates or have flowers delivered to the office. There are no cute little surprises or cliché dinner dates. This is a down-and-dirty kind of partnership. Instead of dinner dates, you have scheduled ductwork cleanings. Rather than buying each other chocolates, you have routine check-ups. You and your system go way back with a complicated – yet sentimental – history, and you both support each other endlessly. Or at least, that’s how it should be.

Give your heating and cooling system some LOVE this year.

Like any healthy relationship, you and your system are mutually beneficial to one another. It gives you heating and cooling, while you give it cleaning and maintenance. Unless you’ve ever been face to face with a heating or cooling crisis, you’ve probably never given your system much attention. Knowing how to properly take care of your unit is one thing, but have you ever wondered why system upkeep is so important to your home?

Reason One: An effective system saves energy.

A broken system can be the death of any energy-efficient household. If your car is leaking brake fluid while you drive, your brakes are not working to their full potential. The same goes for your heating and cooling unit. If your system has a leak or a blockage, you may not be getting the most bang for your buck. Just like being in a committed relationship, routine maintenance can help eliminate some of this uncertainty.

Reason Two: A clean heating and cooling unit improves household air quality.

Not cleaning your heating and cooling systems regularly can make your ductwork become a potential home to miscellaneous vermin looking for a place to stay. Rats, mold and insects are not uncommon pests found to be inside an unclean unit. Once here, spores and hair follicles will have direct access to the air in your home, without you even knowing it. Secrets can be the end of a long-term relationship, which is why you should make sure to regularly clear the air.

Reason Three: A maintained system keeps your home safe.

Rather than live your life waiting for a safety issue to occur, have a trained professional routinely check in on your heating and cooling unit. A technician can identify various safety risks – like a cracked heat exchanger, or damaged metal work – and fix whatever the problem may be. Keeping your relationship safe requires personalized attention, same goes with your heating and cooling unit.

If you’re not fully committed to your system, you may begin to notice some significant problems in your home. Are you ready to take this relationship to the next level? Call Edwards Royal Comfort Heating, Air & Cooling. We want to help our customers achieve optimal comfort in their homes and keep their heating and cooling systems running efficiently through all seasons. Let our knowledgeable team inspect, clean and repair your system – keeping your home efficient, safe and comfortable. Schedule your appointment today!