Residents of Greencastle, Crawfordsville, Danville, IN, and beyond count on furnaces and central AC systems to stay comfortable all year long. However, if you need to replace an existing air conditioner or heating system and install a new one, you should seriously consider making the switch to a heat pump.

Edwards Royal Comfort knows that heat pumps are highly effective and efficient HVAC systems for nearly all climates. In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss how they’re different from other types of HVAC systems, as well as the benefits of installing one in your home.

How Are Heat Pumps Different From Other HVAC Systems?

Traditional HVAC systems are used for roughly half of the year. For example, a furnace will typically be used during the fall and winter months. Then, a central air conditioning system will be used for spring and summer. Heat pumps, on the other hand, are designed to provide both heat and AC.

During the winter to generate heat, a heat pump system pushes cool air across an evaporator coil to collect heat energy. It is then warmed and circulated through a condenser coil, where it can be distributed throughout the home.

During the summer, the process is essentially reversed, where warm air flows across an evaporator coil and is cooled down by refrigerant. It can then be distributed to the home in order to cool the home down.

Benefits of Installing a Heat Pump

Lower Energy Costs

Heat pumps provide the most efficient ways to heat and cool a home. They don’t require much energy and, as a result, will provide you with lower utility costs than furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, and other types of heating and cooling systems.

While the initial installation might be a bit pricier than other types of HVAC units, you’ll quickly make up for your initial investment with lower energy bills.

Effective Heating and Cooling

When you install a heat pump, you’re not sacrificing quality for lower energy costs. In fact, heat pumps yield incredibly similar results to other types of HVAC systems, ensuring that your home stays safe and comfortable throughout all seasons.

While heat pumps are still very effective during the winter months, a secondary heat source will be needed when temperatures reach extreme lows. Standard heat pumps can continue to effectively heat your home in temperatures down to 25°F, while high-efficiency heat pumps can still operate in temperatures that reach -5°F. 

With this in mind, homeowners throughout Indiana must install a backup electric or gas heating system, such as a furnace, to ensure that their homes stay safe, comfortable, and warm during the coldest days of the year.

Long System Lifespan

Because heat pumps are used all year long, it might seem as though they have shorter typical lifespans than other HVAC systems. However, that’s not the case. You can expect a heat pump to last upwards of 15 years.

In order to help your heat pump heating and cooling system reach a longer lifespan, however, be sure to provide it with regular maintenance. It’s typically recommended that heat pumps receive maintenance twice per year – once in the spring, and again in the fall – to catch any minor issues that might occur with normal usage.

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