The hot, humid summer months can leave you feeling desperate for relief in the form of cool, refreshing air. Your air conditioner should be able to provide your home with cool and consistent temperatures that keep your home comfortable all summer long.

However, how can you be sure that your air conditioner is running as effectively and efficiently as possible? Many homeowners wonder how often their air conditioning units should run in order to keep their homes cool, while also saving as much energy and money as possible. Learn more about AC unit cycles in the latest blog post from the team at Edwards Royal Comfort.

How Long Should an Air Conditioning Unit Cycle Last?

An air conditioning cycle is the time when your AC unit is running to cool your home. Typically, an AC cycle should last roughly 15-20 minutes. However, external factors, such as the outdoor temperature, can affect how long your air conditioning system cycles last. The higher the outdoor temperature is, the longer your air conditioner will need to stay on to reach the desired temperature you’ve set on the thermostat.

Other factors, such as the age of the AC system and the last time the unit has received maintenance, can play a role in how long your air conditioning cycles last.

How Frequently Should an Air Conditioner Cycle?

After your air conditioner has completed a cycle, it will typically remain off for a few minutes before beginning another cycle. With your air conditioner running for 15-20 minutes at a time, and then turning off for a few minutes between cycles, you can expect your air conditioner to cycle two to three times per hour.

If your air conditioner runs a few minutes longer or shorter than usual is nothing to worry about, as many factors are at play. However, if your system appears to be short cycling, or it seems to never turn off at all, get in touch with a trusted team of AC technicians.

Tips to Improve AC Efficiency

In order for your air conditioner to run as efficiently as possible, it must have maintenance performed at least once per year. This should typically be performed in the spring before you turn on your air conditioner for the first time.

During central AC maintenance, your technician will check refrigerant levels, change any clogged filters, monitor the electrical connections, and more to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible. Any minor issues can also be addressed immediately to ensure that they do not grow and cause more serious problems down the road.

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