When it’s time to install new heating and cooling equipment in your Indiana home, make sure you consider all your options. Ductless mini split systems aren’t as well-known as conventional furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps, but they definitely deserve your consideration! Edwards Royal Comfort explains how ductless mini splits work and shares the benefits they can bring to your household.

How Do Ductless Mini Splits Work?

Before we get into how ductless mini split systems work, let’s talk about the equipment that is used in these heating and cooling systems. First off, ductless mini splits are a type of split system, just like your traditional central air conditioner or heat pump. They have an outdoor unit, either a heat pump or an air conditioner, along with indoor air handling equipment connected by refrigerant lines running between the equipment. The big difference is instead of one indoor unit, ductless mini splits can be configured to work with multiple indoor units, which are air handlers. These indoor units aren’t installed in a central location, but rather they are placed directly inside the areas in need of conditioned air. 

Instead of using ducts to deliver conditioned air from centralized equipment, the individual air handlers of ductless systems direct conditioned air right into the space that needs it. Ductless mini splits do not involve a duct system – the air handlers push heated or cooled air directly into the space.

Ductless mini splits can be configured in many ways. They can deliver conditioned air to one area of the home or multiple areas. A ductless mini split system can be used as the home’s main HVAC system or used in addition to a traditional central air system to offer climate control in an area that is not connected to the main system or a space that requires additional help to stay comfortable. Ductless mini split units can be cooling only, or these systems can offer heating and cooling when configured with a heat pump or an air conditioner with electric heat strips.

Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Use

Ductless mini splits provide some distinct benefits for homeowners who choose to install these innovative HVAC systems. 

  • Zoned heating and cooling are an automatic perk of how ductless mini splits work. Individual air handling units installed throughout the home can be operated independent of the others, allowing occupants to adjust temperatures according to their preferences, in their space only, without interfering with conditions in other parts of the house. Zoned HVAC systems conserve energy and limit waste for more energy-efficient operation in comparison to traditional heating and air conditioning systems.
  • Without ducts for conditioned air delivery, ductless mini splits eliminate the energy loss that is so common with ducted systems! The average home’s ductwork loses 20 to 30 percent of its heating and cooling energy through duct leaks. By taking ducts out of the equation altogether, these systems offer an immediate improvement on energy efficiency of 20 to 30 percent on average.
  • With no need for ducts, ductless mini splits are a great heating and cooling option for a variety of applications. Whether you don’t have existing ducts or you need new ducts but can’t cover the cost, installing a ductless system eliminates the need for ducts entirely. Ductless mini splits are a great choice for new home additions, newly renovated areas of the home, garages, and more.
  • While air handlers are installed directly within the living space they will serve, these units are unintrusive and many options are available to fit the aesthetic of your interiors. Units are installed high on the wall or even within a ceiling cartridge. Control is by remote, offering flexibility for users. 

Ductless Mini Split Installation in Indiana

Ductless mini splits offer another flexible home heating and cooling option for residents throughout Indiana. Learn more about these versatile HVAC systems and get a quote for installation in your home when you contact Edwards Royal Comfort today!