Lafayette, IN Heat Pump Repair Services

Let’s imagine that it’s an excruciatingly hot August day here in Lafayette, Indiana. You’re passing the time indoors in the comfort of your home until you suddenly start to feel the temperature rise. Your heat pump has broken down. What do you do? Who do you call?

You know it is about to get unbearably hot – so you call Edwards right away. At Edwards, we will get there and solve the problem as quickly as possible, so you can have a relaxing and comfortable summer.

Rely on us for all your heat pump repair needs in Lafayette, Indiana.

Edwards is the Company to Trust for Heat Pump Repair Services in Lafayette

We have years of experience providing excellent service to Lafayette, Indiana, and the surrounding areas. In that time, we have developed a multitude of skills that allow us to provide top-notch services to our clients. All our technicians undergo background checks and significant training to ensure their skills are of an advanced caliber.

We only use the best equipment to ensure the best outcomes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that all customers are always happy with our work. You can rely on us to provide the service you need without trying to upsell or charge you an arm and a leg. Our pricing is entirely transparent, and we never surprise you with hidden fees.

If you have a problem at any time, day or night, we offer emergency services to fix the issue immediately so that it does not disrupt your life. We will also check your HVAC systems and can provide regular maintenance so that these emergencies are less likely to occur.

Signs of a Bad Heat Pump

Heat pumps are incredibly reliable but can break down just like any other HVAC equipment. Common issues with heat pumps that you need to watch out for include:

Strange Odors

Odd odors emanating from your heat pump could be a sign of mold or mildew, which could become very serious and affect your health if not handled immediately.

Poor Temperature Control

If your heat pump is not keeping your home warm or cool enough, then the culprit could be anything from a faulty thermostat to a dirty air filter. Our team will take a look and find the problem.

Higher Energy Bills

The more often your heat pump is running, the higher your energy bill will be. To fix the issue, you could try adjusting the thermostat setting or have us take a look to make sure that everything is running as efficiently as possible.

Loud Noises

If you hear rattling coming from your heat pump, it could signify that a part is loose or a register is out of place. Squealing or grinding noises could indicate a much larger problem, such as a worn-out motor bearing.

Short Cycling

If your heat pump turns on and off frequently, it may be a sign of a clogged filter or an issue with a blower.

Ice Forming

Depending on the season in which the ice is forming, it could be a sign of many different problems. However, we at Edwards will be able to get to the bottom of the issue promptly.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Heat Pump?

Most specialists agree that repairing a heat pump may be a better option if:

  • The heat pump has not required repairs before: As long as your heat pump has not suffered any issues before, we can almost always repair it after the first time it breaks down. However, if you’ve had to pay for repairs several times before, it is more economical to replace the whole system.
  • The repair is minor and reasonable: Repairing is usually viable if most of the system is still in good working order. There is no reason to replace the whole thing if the majority of it is still functional.
  • You hold a warranty on the system: If you have a warranty, then you should always opt to repair because, oftentimes, you will not have to pay a penny out of pocket for parts or service. Always check if your heat pump is under warranty before wasting money on a replacement.
  • The heat pump is under 10 years of age: We can almost always repair newer heat pumps. However, if your heat pump has seen better days and is over a decade old, then it might be time to get a new one.

Contact Edwards for Heat Pump Repair Service in Lafayette, IN

If your heat pump is experiencing any of the issues described above, then please give Edwards a call!

We will be happy to diagnose the problem and provide you with heat pump repair services in Lafayette, Indiana. Give us a call or stop by at your earliest convenience.