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Picture this. Your whole family comes back from a fun – yet hot – summer day at the beach. You all are looking forward to relaxing in a cool home. However, you soon discover that your AC isn’t working. As soon as you walk through the front door, a wave of uncomfortable heat hits you. Not only will you have some unsatisfied household members on your hands, but you’ll also have to call an AC repair company.

Here at Edwards, we make air conditioning repair service in Lafayette, IN as stress free as possible. We always arrive on time and only offer the solutions you need. We never upsell anything, and our pricing is honest and transparent.

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Why Isn’t My Air Conditioning System Cooling?

As a homeowner, you can check for the following problems when your cooling system isn’t working properly.

Check Your Thermostat

Ensure that your thermostat is turned to an appropriate temperature. You can also check to see if its wiring or batteries are connected properly.

Check Your Ductwork

Your ductwork may develop cracks or holes that lead to reduced airflow.

Change HVAC Filter

HVAC filters accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over time. Depending on the size of yours, it needs to be changed every three to twelve months.

Common Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to be Repaired

Unsure if your air conditioner needs to be repaired? Here are some common AC repair signs that require a professional to assist with:

Foul Odors

A couple of foul odors will indicate you have a problem. If you notice a pungent, burning smell, the wire insulation in your unit may be burned and need to be replaced.

If you start smelling a musty odor, this could be a sign of excessive moisture in your system.

Unusual Sounds

AC units are usually pretty quiet. Grating, grinding, squealing and other loud sounds are abnormal and need to be troubleshooted.

Cycles On and Off

Your system will go through more cycles during the hotter months, but it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly.

No Cool Air

If your AC system is blowing hot air, you may have a refrigerant leak or broken compressor. In any case, your unit won’t blow cool air until these problems are addressed.

Lack of Airflow

A lack of airflow may be less obvious at first, but it still indicates your AC system isn’t working as it should.

Water Leakage/Ice on Coils or Refrigerant Lines

Your AC unit uses refrigerant to operate, and it may produce some condensation in the process. However, it shouldn’t leak onto the coils or refrigerant lines. In the winter, you should be especially aware of ice accumulation, as ice can cause further damage to the system.

High Humidity

One of an AC system’s jobs is to suck humidity out of your home. If the air in your home feels sticky, your unit isn’t doing its job properly.

Dirty HVAC Interior

The interior of your HVAC system contains essential and fragile parts. If it needs to be cleaned, you should recruit the experts at Edwards to clean it so you don’t risk damaging your system.

Weak Airflow

The AC compressor is the outside component of your system. It accumulates leaves, twigs and dirt that can prevent your unit from running properly. These airflow obstructions should be professionally removed so your AC unit can run how it’s supposed to.

Refrigerant Leaks

Even slow refrigerant leaks can cause your system’s coolant to deplete. Without this essential coolant, your system won’t be able to blow cool air.

Faulty Electrical Wiring

If the power cord is not intact or your system isn’t plugged in correctly, you may have a more straightforward fix to make.

How to Tell if You Should Repair or Replace Your AC

It can be difficult to decide if you should repair or replace your AC. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

It’s better to repair your air conditioner when…

  • You have a newer unit
  • It doesn’t normally experience issues
  • A repair will reduce existing energy usage and increase home efficiency

It’s better to replace your air conditioner when…

  • It is ten years old or older
  • It is leaking
  • It requires frequent repairs
  • It has a poor energy efficiency rating
  • The cost of repairs exceeds the cost of a new unit

What Should You Look For in an AC Repair Company?

AC repair can be expensive if you don’t enlist the right company. Plus, how your unit performs in the future will depend on the experts you choose. Check out some reasons why you should choose our team at Edwards for AC repair services in Lafayette, Indiana:

  • Our flexibility: Book an appointment with us that fits into your schedule. 
  • Our high-quality work: We offer industry-leading craftsmanship and warranties on all parts and labor.
  • Our trained professionals: Our certified experts have undergone background checks and participate in advanced training to perfect their skills.

We offer a huge range of solutions and services to fit any budget, plus help you to save money on energy bills. We also have ongoing special prices and services. Speak to us today for a no-surprises upfront quote.

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