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If you are a homeowner in the Crawfordsville area, looking for a new and improved maintenance and repair service, you have come to the right place!

At Edwards Royal Comfort Heating, Air and Plumbing, we take pride in using renewable resources to repair and service your home.

Our geothermal repair service is both economically efficient and eco-friendly. These new technologies have been specialized in recent years to ensure that you can have the best heating and cooling systems installed into your home.

Whether you are looking for an emergency repair service or are looking to replace your outdated systems, our specialists at Edwards are expertly prepared to help you!

What Is a Geothermal System?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of geothermal systems, you are not alone. This new method of heating and cooling system has so many benefits and is sure to be the go-to system as we move to primarily renewable resources.

Put simply, geothermal energy has the ability to produce power from the internal heat of the earth.

This power source is renewable, meaning it will be available as a reusable resource for a lifetime. Harnessing the heat from earth is no small feat but has been perfected for these types of installations.

It is safe to say that the benefits truly outweigh the costs and will for many years to come. Installing a geothermal system is quite an expense up front but is guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

In order to access the heat that the earth provides, some drilling and overall disruption of your yard is required.

Certain soils and landscapes are better suited to withstand the drilling required, and we can do a full examination of your yard to see if this could be appropriate for you.

While it may not be suitable for all homes and landscapes, adding a geothermal system to your home can be a great investment moving toward the future of heating and cooling systems!

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Geothermal System?

While relatively new to the scene, geothermal systems are great for so many reasons and can offer homeowners many financial benefits.

No burning of fossil fuels

Using the earth’s heat means that there is no burning of fossil fuels involved to power the system. If you are looking to be more environmentally conscious with your choices, then you should seriously consider this option.

Quiet and clean

Using the earth’s heat as the primary source of power ultimately allows for it to run more efficiently.

Reduction in energy bills

Lower operating costs and reduced energy bills are another great benefit that comes from using renewable resources, and you are sure to feel great knowing that your money is being used wisely!

Minimal maintenance

Geothermal systems can also promise little to no maintenance costs for many years. They are designed to serve your home for a long time with very few problems that are likely to arise.

Year-round comfort

Additionally, if you are looking for year-round comfort, a geothermal system is perfect for you. They have both cooling and heating capabilities and are meant to service you whenever and however you may need.

Local tax credits and rebates

Local tax credits and rebates are even offered for those willing to invest in geothermal power.

Federal Tax Credits Available for Geothermal Systems

Because geothermal power is an economically sustainable resource, tax credits and rebates have been offered as an incentive for homeowners that may be interested in switching over to this power source.

The local credits and rebates are updated annually, though they will usually allow homeowners to claim up to 30% of the amount spent on installation services on their tax return.

Though the installation costs required up front may seem drastic, these incentives are one of the many great reasons to move forward with the installation process.

Common Repair Issues with Geothermal Systems

As with all systems, there is a small chance that some problems could arise. Some of the most common issues that we service are discussed below.

Sometimes the thermostat will seem to be off, where the temperature indoors does not mirror what it reads.

This could mean a problem with the power source and could indicate that maintenance is required. If you are noticing an issue similar to this, be sure to reach out to us, and we will investigate if that is the cause of the problem.

Because the system is set up completely underground, there is a chance that leaks can occur. This is because of the close proximity to other plumbing and piping that often runs through the yard.

Leaks can be spotted throughout the yard if certain areas are wetter or sunken into the ground. Early detection is important, and this problem can often be fixed if addressed in a timely manner.

While these issues are quite rare, we understand that they could be an inconvenience to you. If you feel that your geothermal system is not running at its best, reach out to us and we will be happy to help get it back to normal.

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