Furnace Repair Service, in Crawfordsville, IN

If you have a home in Crawfordsville, IN, or the surrounding areas, you know that the winters can be harsh without indoor heating. Don’t suffer through another winter without an unreliable or malfunctioning furnace.

At Edwards Royal Comfort, we take pride in our repair services, which ensure your heating system operates at peak performance. We have years of experience and a proven history of successful repairs, tune-ups, and installations. The result is hundreds of satisfied customers.

Having your furnace repaired is something that shouldn’t wait. Call Edwards Royal Comfort today at 765-653-8802 for Crawfordsville, Indiana, furnace repairs. We are ready to bring comfort and heating back into your home.

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How Do You Know If You Need Furnace Repair?

Strange Smells Coming from Furnace

Are there strange smells coming from your furnace? The odor could indicate an internal problem.

If you’re smelling metallic or sulfurous smells, your furnace may be experiencing overheating issues or leaking propane gas. This problem requires immediate attention from a heating and cooling professional. Schedule an appointment for an HVAC service call today.

If the Furnace Is Producing Little to No Heat

There’s no point in having a furnace that doesn’t do its job and produce heat. If your heating unit no longer emits heat, there are many possible issues that need troubleshooting. Call one of our Crawfordsville furnace repair professionals for a full inspection. We can discuss if repairs or full replacement are necessary.

If the Furnace Is Loud and Making Strange Noises

If the unit in your home is making loud noises, the potential problems could be significant. A loud pop or bang may be a sign of excess gas igniting within the combustion changer. This malfunction could be the result of a broken gas valve. This problem isn’t something you want to try to fix on your own. Contact us today to assess this issue today.

If the Furnace Is Getting Older

Unfortunately, all furnaces reach the point where their old age affects their performance. Typically, furnaces over 15 years old are due for replacement. When this happens, make sure that your home is hiring a company that you can trust.

Furnaces can be a significant financial burden. At Edwards Royal Comfort, we keep your satisfaction and budget in mind. We promise to give you honest, upfront prices. Call us to discuss an appointment today!

How Edwards Can Help

Edwards Royal Comfort is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company with an “A” rating. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind and protection. When we service your heating system, you can be confident that we’re delivering top-of-the-line quality.

Find the Source of the Problem

Once you’ve called our team of HVAC technicians, we’ll schedule an appointment. Our team will inspect the cause of your issues and determine if it’s fixable. We will locate the source of the problem and address it before it gets out of hand.

Our skilled and experienced technicians will draw up a diagnostic report, which will include the cost of the necessary repairs, with no hidden charges. Our team has years of experience in identifying, assessing, and resolving various furnace issues. When making our assessment, we promise to give our clients honest and upfront prices so there are no surprises along the way.

Repair the Problem

If the problem is something we can repair, doing so will usually cost less than installing a whole new appliance. Our repairs will neutralize the problem and get your unit back to working as it should.

Our heating, air conditioning, and plumbing technicians will arrive for your appointment on time, or the fee for the service call is free. With every service call, our team comes out with all the necessary equipment to handle your repair on the spot. Our handpicked technicians have undergone rigorous training and certification to ensure that every repair is accurate and efficient. Contact us today for expert repairs.

Follow-Up after Repairs Are Complete

Our Crawfordsville, Indiana repair team guarantees that any work on your heater will last. We prioritize a positive relationship with our clients. It’s why we offer warranties on parts and labor, including a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call Edwards Royal Comfort to Set an Appointment Today

Edwards Royal Comfort is the leading company for Crawfordsville furnace repair. If you’re having issues with your heating unit, don’t put off any necessary repairs or installation. We guarantee you can trust our honest pricing and reliable services. Call us to schedule an appointment for heating, air conditioning or plumbing service at 765-653-8802 today!