AC Maintenance in Lafayette, Indiana

Rick, after finally paying off the mortgage on his home, recently retired from his job. He couldn’t wait to start living his relaxing, carefree lifestyle. However, something got in his way. During his first week of retirement, he woke up to a hot, stuffy house. His air conditioning system had broken down. Instead of spending his day freely, he had to look into getting a new AC unit. Rick was about to learn why we offer AC maintenance in Lafayette!

It wasn’t age or regular wear and tear that wore down Rick’s air conditioning unit. It was a lack of proper maintenance. He had ignored it until now, and it was too late to reverse the damage that had been done.

AC maintenance and tune up services are important, as they prevent repairs from popping up year-round. To avoid needing costly repairs or an entire replacement, schedule maintenance once per year on your home’s AC system.

Our team at Edwards is the go-to HVAC company in Lafayette, Indiana. Our customers rely on us to perform high-quality tune up services that they can afford. Learn more about all that we offer below.

Choose Edwards for AC Maintenance in Lafayette

Proper AC maintenance will give you peace of mind when it comes to your AC unit’s dependability. You’ll experience maximum energy efficiency. Plus, your unit will operate safely and to the environment’s benefit.

No matter the type of system you have, our technicians are prepared to take care of it. Our team is certified and trained to cater to the unique demands of your particular unit. The types of HVAC systems that our technicians service and tune up include:

  • Air conditioners: Individual air conditioners mounted in windows or elsewhere in your home will benefit from regular maintenance.
  • Central air conditioning systems: Entire central air conditioning systems have intricate parts that need to stay in good condition if they are to function properly. Our technicians have keen eyes for spotting potential errors with how your system operates.
  • Heat pumps: Because they’re responsible for heating and cooling your home, it’s especially important that heat pumps are working year-round. Ensure the long-term functionality of yours with regular maintenance.
  • Thermostats: Though thermostats may seem like a small component of an HVAC system, they should be inspected regularly. A thermostat is the heart of an HVAC system and ensures that it’s cycling and operating safely. Some modern thermostats require special batteries or intricate wiring, so you should leave their maintenance up to the professionals.

Common Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance

Some homeowners forgo air conditioner maintenance because they don’t believe it’s necessary. Check out some of the benefits of a yearly AC tune up.

Reduce Breakdowns

With regular maintenance, you can prevent your air conditioner from breaking down. This is especially important in the middle of summer when you need your system working!

Catch Problems Early

If you allow a minor issue to go unaddressed, it can severely worsen. During regular tune up services, our Edwards technicians will catch minor problems before they develop further.

Extend Your Unit’s Lifespan

Poorly maintained units can only last for so long. With regular maintenance, you can add several years to the life of your unit and make your initial investment more worthwhile.

Lower Energy Bills

Maybe your home is always at a comfortable temperature. Your air conditioner may appear to be working fine. However, if it has been awhile since it has been serviced, your air conditioner won’t be running as efficiently as possible. Built-up debris and other lingering issues can cause it to have to work harder. When you opt for annual maintenance, you’ll benefit from lower overall operating costs.

How Often Do ACs Need Maintenance?

In general, most air conditioners need to be serviced at least once per year. Heat pumps should receive two tune ups per year. If your air conditioning system does not receive the regular maintenance it’s supposed to, it will lose energy efficiency. It may also need costly repairs that would have been otherwise avoidable.

Your AC’s maintenance schedule will depend on several factors. Your air conditioning unit’s age, size and type will influence how often it needs to be serviced. In any case, proper maintenance keeps your unit at optimum performance.

 What’s Included in an AC Tune Up?

Here are some components that our team at Edwards focuses on during an AC tune up:

  • Coil Fins: These pieces may become naturally bent over time and restrict airflow.
  • Compressor: A compressor raises the temperature of refrigerant so that heat can be dispelled from your home. If your compressor isn’t working properly, your indoor air will feel warm and humid.
  • Filters: Depending on their condition, we will clean or replace your AC filters.
  • Coils: Condenser and evaporator coils should be regularly maintained.

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All of our tune up services are priced transparently. You’ll never be caught off guard by a maintenance bill. Plus, our team is trained to perform effective maintenance service for your particular system.

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