Record low temperatures and wind chills can make your house cold in the winter. But before you turn up the thermostat a degree or two, remember that a couple of degrees could make a big difference on your utility bill.

Be smart this winter by setting your thermostat to a reasonable – and comfortable – temperature setting while stocking up on throw blankets for those extra cold nights. In our most recent blog, the HVAC professionals at Edwards Royal Comfort discuss what the ideal room temperatures should be in the winter without emptying your wallet on high energy bills.

What Is the Ideal Temperature for Your Home During Winter?

Some people avoid turning on the heat for as long as possible because heating the house is expensive. However, if you set your smart or programmable thermostat to the recommended temperature, your house will be comfortable, and your bills will stay low.

So what is the ideal temperature to keep your home at during the winter? According to the Department of Energy, you should set your thermostat to 68℉. If that seems too cold, try starting at 72℉ and aim for 68℉. 68℉ is recommended for when people are awake and in the house. At night or when no one is home, change the temperature to 62℉ to 66℉. Lowering your thermostat 7 to 10 degrees for eight hours can reduce your heating bill by 5 to 15%. For each degree you lower your heat, you can save 3% or more on heating costs. 

More Energy Savings Tips for the Winter

If you’re worried you’re going to freeze with your house set to 68℉, don’t worry. We’ve got some excellent energy and money saving tips for this winter.

  • Keep the blinds open during the day for free sunlight and heat.
  • Switch your ceiling fan rotation. In the winter, set your fans to spin clockwise to push warm air down from the ceiling into the rest of the room.
  • Dress for winter. Wear pants, socks, slippers, and warm clothes inside. Insulate the floors with rugs and have a few blankets on hand for extra cold nights.
  • Make sure your windows, doors, and fireplaces are sealed up well. Close any flues, and keep windows closed. Cover windows with shrink-to-fit plastic and weather stripping for doors to prevent heat from escaping.
  • Upgrade to a smart or programmable thermostat. You can set schedules and change the temperature from your smartphone or virtual assistant.
  • Adjust your thermostat setting for the winter.
  • Only heat the rooms that are occupied. Close off vents that go to unused rooms, and focus the heat on the rooms that need it.

My House Always Feels Cold

If you’ve tried all of the tips above, but your house just always feels cold, then you might have a bigger problem. It is important to get your furnace tuned up every year, ideally before winter sets in. During a tune-up, your technician will clean, inspect, and fix any issues with your furnace. This ensures that your furnace is running efficiently throughout winter – keeping your heating costs down and your house warm.

If your house has an inconsistent temperature between rooms, there might be a problem with your ducts. Dust and debris can build up in ducts and vents, restricting airflow to rooms. Ducts can also crack and create openings that warm air can escape from. 

If you haven’t scheduled an annual inspection in a few years, signing up for Edwards Royal Comfort’s service agreement is a smart idea. We’ll contact you to schedule your bi-annual heating and air conditioning tune ups so you’ll never forget. Our service agreements also include discounts on repairs and replacement parts.

Call Edwards Royal Comfort to Stay Warm All Winter Long

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