Even during the hottest days of the year, your air conditioning system can experience internal issues that lead to the system freezing up. As ironic as it may seem, an air conditioner freezing up in the middle of summer can cause several serious issues that can threaten the overall safety and comfort of everyone within your home.

The team at Edwards Royal Comfort wants to help your home stay safe and comfortable during the summer months. In our latest blog post, we’ll discuss what causes an air conditioner to freeze up to help you better understand why it happened and what can be done to fix the system and provide your home with cool air once again. 

Restricted Airflow

Your air conditioner depends on an even and steady airflow to keep humidity from settling and freezing on your coils. If your system has low or restricted airflow, it won’t be able to keep humidity from ultimately freezing on your unit. 

Airflow can become restricted for several reasons, but the most common is due to a dirty air filter. To prevent any issues, try to replace your air filters about once per month. This will not only keep them from getting clogged and reducing airflow but will also improve your home’s indoor air quality. 

Dirty Evaporator Coil

Evaporator coils are designed to absorb heat from the air inside your home. It contains a refrigerant that will cool the air down as it passes through the coil. An evaporator coil will always collect some level of dirt and debris, but it’s essential to have your system regularly maintained to reduce the chances of issues occurring. When too much dirt builds up on your evaporator coil, the cooling process can be obstructed and lead to a system freeze-up.

Refrigerant Leak

If a refrigerant leak is present with your air conditioning unit, the pressure within the evaporator coil will drop, allowing moisture to accumulate on the coil. While this might not initially become an issue, greater moisture accumulation can lead to a significant freeze that causes the entire system to shut off. 

How to Fix a Frozen Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioner freezes up, it can cause long-lasting damage that will lead to expensive repairs or even a complete replacement. The best way to fix a frozen AC unit is, unfortunately, to not let it occur in the first place by having annual maintenance performed. 

If a freeze-up has already occurred, it’s crucial to call on a professional team of HVAC technicians rather than attempting to fix the issue on your own. Because several issues can lead to a frozen AC unit, you’ll want a professional to inspect your system and determine what the best course of action is. Attempting to perform your own repairs can lead to more significant damage and more costly repairs. 

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