Air Conditioning

If you can’t handle the heat, make sure your home’s air conditioning can!

Nothing’s worse than being let down by an aging or unreliable system right when you and your family need it most.

Before you begin calling on your air conditioner to regularly cool your home this season, consult our checklist of steps you can take to help your system be ready for daily use.


• Change your filters

The easiest ongoing maintenance homeowners can perform themselves is routinely changing air filters every three months at a minimum.

Remember: If it’s still mostly white, your filter’s got some life left in it — but if it’s been in there long enough to take on a mostly gray color, swap it out!


• Try giving your outdoor unit a break

Just like it is for us, some shade is a welcome retreat for your home’s air conditioner. A little shelter from the blistering summer sun can help keep your outdoor equipment from overheating during extreme temperatures. Planting a tree or large bush in just the right spot could give your system some welcome relief.


• Give your unit some space to breathe

When you’re outside doing yard work, make sure your outdoor equipment and any vents are clear of debris, leaves, plants, overgrown grass, bushes and more. While you’re there, check to make sure your unit’s concrete slab is level. If it isn’t, your system could be working harder than it needs to be! Pry the slab up and add gravel underneath until everything’s flat and level.


• Consider a programmable smart thermostat

You use your smartphone for everything else — why not add controlling your home’s comfort to its list of capabilities? As a Bryant Authorized Dealer, we have innovative products like programmable thermostats that let you set your system to automatically operate as scheduled or be accessible remotely so it isn’t working overtime.


• Most importantly, schedule your season maintenance visit!

A performance tune-up is the best way to prepare your air conditioner for the summer season. Our experts will give your system a thorough inspection and cleaning of all its essential parts — coils, motors, blowers, drains, refrigerant, electrical connections and more. We’ll help protect your investment and get your air conditioning prepped for another season of keeping your family cool and comfortable.


Contact us today to schedule your appointment — and ask about our service agreements, which include two tune-up visits per year to ensure your system is ready for action year-round.

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